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Guide to SEO and Web Design


It is only by getting as much targeted traffic as you can to your site that you can set up a successful online business. This, however, is easier said than done and many online businesses don't have any strategies to apply to achieve this. There are some website owners who consider SEO because it helps them reach high positions in search engine rankings, but many businesses neglect website design. Somehow it is only done for aesthetics' sake.


Below are some ways that SEO and website design can impact your growth potential as a business.


User experience is determined by your website design and so it is very important. If user has bad experience in your website, you will slowly lose your traffic.


The speed by which your website loads is determined by the layout, the visuals, and design elements. People don't want to stay in slow loading websites. Studies show that people only wait 3-5 seconds for a page to load. If it doesn't load within that short time frame, then they go to another site.


Your eye can get tired looking at very busy and complex layouts. You can also only build trust with your site visitors if you have a good structure to your content. Important content should be seen at a glance. You should place it in front or center. It can be very annoying for users to be clicking so many things just to get to what they are looking for. You should keep everything easily accessible.


Don't use stock photography on your homepage. Do not also use too many visuals in one page because your page will look cluttered. Premade templates should be avoided. If you want to make a design that reflects the motto and practices of your business, then work with a designer. If you use small and excessively cursive font styles, they will be difficult to read. Don't choose a color scheme that is too jarring and it shouldn't be dull also. The feel and look should have consistency. Colors should be strategically used across your website and your headline should have bolder colors.


Our smartphones today are multi functional; used for making phone calls, texting, chatting ,checking emails and browsing the web as well. It is important to have a web design that is responsive to mobile platforms. Otherwise, you will have to setup and maintain tow sites and it be very overwhelming.


Avoid putting pop up ads even if you are looking to monetize your website with all the ads. If you must include ads, keep them in prominent places but not where it would interfere with other activities.